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Residential Basements & Foundations

Residential basement and foundation contractors have been using Western Forms for over 50 years, producing beautiful flat walls with no pillowing.  Western Forms customers have used their forms for over 3,000 pours due to the strength and durability of these systems.  The versatility through the modular design of Western Forms provides contractors equipment they can depend on for a diverse range of basement projects.  And when housing starts have slowed, contractors use the same forms for a wide variety of commercial applications both below and above grade.

Smooth forms in a variety of styles are available in both imperial and metric dimensions.  Just click Wall Forming Systems to select the best system to meet your requirements.

Textured residential foundations also offer the attractive look of brick at a much lower cost with Western’s Vertex Brick forms.  Vertex™ forms are easy to strip, yet the deep vertical texture allows form seams and joints to disappear in the wall - ready to paint.



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