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Basements & Foundations

Since 1955 Western Forms has been the industry leader in providing aluminum forming systems for concrete contractors doing all types of foundation and stem wall applications. 

Many concrete contractors throughout the US & Canada have made the switch to Western Forms aluminum forming systems over the past 40 years and many more are currently in the process of transitioning to Western Forms systems.  There are a number of features and benefits for using the Western Forms aluminum forming system but the most important one is REDUCED LABOR COSTS!!!!

In today's world more than ever the saying "Time is Money" can not be emphasized enough.  Utilizing Western Forms forming systems for any and all of your commericial or residential needs is going to help you improve you bottom and your profitability.  We encourage you to contact any WFI team member and do a cost comparison analysis in regards to your individual company and either the masonry or forming system that you are currently using.  You can determine and discover for yourself how the Western Forms aluminum forming system can help Improve Your Profitability!!!!

The Western Forms modular forming system is extremely versatile and flexible and can be used on any job small to large.. from a track house foundation to a large custom home.  Have a foundation with elevation changes, radius walls, lots of corners?  Not a problem...a set of versatile forms can allow you and your crew to do this and much more.

 Why Choose Western's Aluminum Forming System?

  • Lightweight, Versatile, & Easy to Use
  • Available with Pinlock TM Attached Hardware
  • Variable widths and heights ranging from 1'-10' with filler sizes from 1" to 36"
  • Pour Consistant Smooth Walls
  • Available Vertex™ Brick Finish
  • No Need to Resurface
  • Maintain Residual Resale Value
  • Last Thousands of Pours
  • Available Patented PreSeasoned Pan-L-Cure TM process
  • Available Gasketed Side Rails to prolong form life and provide better looking seams

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