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E-Maxx for Insulated Concrete Walls

Introducing E-MAXX from Western Forms.   You now have an insulation option that installs quickly and easily, from the leader in poured wall technology.  Plus, it offers your homeowner an energy efficient concrete wall structure designed for comfort, savings, and longevity whether it’s battling freezing winds or soaring temperatures.

With E-MAXX you get superior insulation with less time, effort, and cost than traditional insulating concrete forms (ICF), wood framing, and other insulating concrete wall systems.  Finishing materials attach directly to the E-MAXX
T-Stud, eliminating the additional time to prepare the walls for drywall and exterior finishes.

Setup is easy and requires little training to achieve maximum results.  Insulation happens at the same time the wall forms are erected, using your own forming equipment and labor.  Eliminate additional subcontractors and materials with one crew that can setup, pour, insulate, and provide furring strips all in one step.

The E-MAXX system uses 2” Expanded Poly-Styrene (white) or 2” Extruded Poly-Styrene (Blue/Pink) that can be purchased at a local supplier or a supplier listed:

For more information call Western Forms Customer Service at: +1-816-777-3956 or email: info@westernforms.com


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