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Insulated Wall Systems

Introducing E-MAXX from Western Forms.   You now have an insulation option that installs quickly and easily, from the leader in poured wall technology.  It offers homeowners and businesses an energy efficient concrete wall structure designed for comfort, savings, and longevity whether it’s battling freezing winds or soaring temperatures.

With E-MAXX you get superior insulation with less time, effort, and cost than traditional insulating concrete forms (ICF), wood framing, and other insulating concrete wall systems.  E-MAXX outperforms conventional wood framing and bat insulation with similar R-values by up to 33% with superior R-Values ranging from R-10 to R-25.

The E-MAXX system owes its success to layers.  Each wall consists of at least four sections:

  • Cast-in-place concrete
  • E-MAXX Corners / T-Studs
  • Foam Insulation
  • Drywall (or other finishing material)

To increase energy ratings, walls can be poured with insulation on both sides, adding a total of three more layers to the wall.  Each layer contributes to providing your home with continuous insulation.

Cast-in-place concrete creates an unmarred wall without gaps or drafts and offers additional fire protection.  The firm placement of insulation with the E-MAXX extrusions inhibit mold growth and remove the source of food for insects and other pests.

The finishing material is attached directly to the extrusions - no additional wood furring required - for a flat appearance and easy installation. 

Call Richard Johnson,  866-643-7959  (USA) or 816-303-0425  (Int'l) for more information.

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