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Concrete Homes

Concrete homes are enjoying surging demand. And Western Forms has designed systems that provide efficient, cost-effective home construction. Together these two developments create a great opportunity for concrete contractors to expand their business and for home builders to separate themselves from the competition.

For the buyer, a concrete home offers:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety from wind, fire, and other disasters
  • Reduced noise from outside
  • Lower maintenance and a structure that can last for centuries
  • Freedom from termites, mold, mildew, rot, and rust.
  • A wide range of possible designs and finishes

For the builder, using Western Forms equipment to construct the house provides:

  • Sharply reduced cycle time
  • Subcontractor and labor availability
  • Consistent material availability
  • Reduced waste
  • Flexibility in footprint and design
  • Building department acceptance
  • Competitive cost

How Contractors Can Get Started

1. Send Western Forms Your Blueprints

  • Select a project for consideration of Cast-In-Place construction using Western Forms Removable Aluminum Forming Systems.
  • Contact  Western Forms and ask for the representative in your area of the US or the world.

2. Evaluate & Layout Formwork

  • A Western Forms design and technical team will evaluate your project and consult with you to develop a solution that meets your quality, cycle time, and final budget requirements.

3. Review System Proposal & Recommendations

  • Your representative will review the proposed solution, alternatives, costs, and benefits.
  • Western Forms offers a variety of equipment and financing options tailored to your needs.

4. Build with Poured Concrete Technology

  • A complete Western Forms system can be manufactured and sent to your job site in a matter of weeks.
  • When your equipment arrives, so do our technicians, to immediately assist your team.



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