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Western Forms Systems Selected for Affordable Housing in India

28 April 2010

Western Forms, Inc., 6200 Equitable Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64120, 816-241-0477 

Contact: Richard A. Johnson, Business Development Mgr., India
Phone: 816-241-0477 ext: 3337
Western Forms, Inc, headquartered in Kansas City, has responded to the needs of one of India’s newest builder/developers, Value & Budget Housing Corporation (VBHC), to bring true affordable housing to those individuals in the lowest economic income brackets.
These types of India buyers as designated by professor and famed management guru, C. K. Prahalad, may reside at the bottom of the “Pyramid” as he called it, but deserve the same clean, safe, durable housing as anyone.  Jerry Rao, the founding leader of VBHC, has pulled together expert development teams who are working with Western Forms to achieve production of cast-in-place concrete structures at the rate of 8 housing units per day.
India has a 26 million housing unit deficit. Value & Budget Housing Corporation and Western Forms are working together to solve an unprecedented goal set by Rao to build one million housing units in the next 10 years. Ron Ward, President of Western Forms explains, "One of the greatest achievements of Western Forms has been our ability to understand the huge unmet world-wide need for safe, durable, long-lasting homes. We are very excited to work with developers in India like Value Budget to help reduce what many see as an overwhelming lack of efficient methods necessary to accomplish such goals. Our experience in over 40 countries has helped us to refine the systems technologies and culture to deliver the lowest cost mass produced concrete housing units possible."
Due to Western Forms 55 years of experience (IE. inventors of the first hand-held aluminum forming systems in the world), VBHC’s research determined their return-on-investment will be far greater when comparing all other systems. Through the use of Western’s advanced technologies, VBHC has announced they will be selling housing units for as little as $15,000.00 USD. Western Forms is also supplying forming systems for VBHC planned communities that include education centers, medical centers, special women work centers, and a variety of shops and other service centers.

Western Forms is extremely enthusiastic in the overall concrete housing scope worldwide, and endeavors to persevere in reducing the India housing deficit with Value & Budget Housing Corporation over the next 10 years.        

 Pictures of first pour - August 2010

























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