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50 Years of Concrete Forming Leadership

What started more than 50 years ago as a concrete form tie producer has grown into the leading aluminum forming systems manufacturer in the world.  Today, Western Forms delivers the best quality, highest performance concrete form panels, hardware, tools, and concrete form accessories on the market.  With unique technological innovations, Western Forms continues to improve its position as a leader, in the minds of both industry experts and the crew members that use its products daily all over the world. 

Western Forms is devoted to help contractors decrease costs and improve the quality of the concrete structures they produce.  Western Forms also helps workers by making the manual labor easier and increase job satisfaction.  And Western Forms helps buyers receive better value in the structures they purchase.  Western Forms invites contractors to tour our facilities and experience the difference in manufacturing quality by visiting us in Kansas City, Missouri. Customers will experience our first-hand, exclusive welding process that produces strong panels and provides consistent, straight, poured walls, year after year.

Your industry is complex and we understand the details.  Western Forms can reduce your costs and increase your profits.  From the manufacturing plant to the support staff, from distributors across the country to a representative near you, Western Forms stands behind its products, its people, and its promise to bring you the best aluminum forming systems for your poured-in-place concrete projects.

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