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Hoppert Builders Gets a Win with Sports Facility


Home builder Dennis Hoppert of Hoppert Builders in Ridgeley,  West Virginia started his family business in 1994.  One day his son Brandon said: “Dad, you’re going to find some money missing from the checking account. I bought equipment from Western Forms! I got tired of waiting on other people to pour our concrete walls.”


Self motivated and driven by quality, their first project using the forms was a 65 foot by 36 foot foundation with 22 corners. They got training and support from Western Forms Technical Service staff and it came off without a hitch.



Their second project was a high school field house measuring 150 feet by 55 feet. Attached to the building was a press box 17 feet by 64 feet , with walls 22 feet high.  Hoppert says the project walls were “flawless”.  Dennis used a total station to set up the forms, and when the job was completed, the field house walls were within 1/8th inch of perfect square.