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Don't take our word for it.   Look at the projects of concrete contractors and homebuilders in 50 countries who have partnered with Western Forms.  They have constructed every conceivable type of project, such as: low rise, mid rise, high rise homes, residential and commercial foundations, warehouses, factories, offices, retail shopping centers, agriculture structures, schools, sports facilities, slabs-columns-beams, precast and a wide variety of other concrete structures.  They have built them with Western Forms highly flexible, modular systems adaptable to a wide range of applications.  These contractors have produced quality results and they have done it profitably.

Use the above "Find Projects" search engine to search by Country, Type of Structure, and Application Category with Application Segment.  Discover project details from around the world and testimonials from concrete contractors and builders who have realized significant time and labor savings using Western Forms.

The projects in this database are but a small sample of everything built successfully with Western Forms equipment.

The quantity of the work is a direct result of the quality of our forms and services.

We offer the best, most durable and long lasting aluminum forming systems in the industry with numerous support teams that provide the training and ongoing technical support un-matched by any other aluminum forming company in the world.

The number of projects reflects the value we bring to customers year, after year, after year.

We are proud when contractors complete a project with higher productivity, reduced costs, improved cash flow, and in less time.  If they didn't, they wouldn't keep coming back.

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Featured Project:  Hoppert Builders Successfully Takes on Sports Facility

Dennis Hoppert, Hoppert Builders, Ridgeley, WV

"We strive for the best. We're perfectionists! If you treat people fair, you don't need any advertising. Your word of mouth will sell you quicker than anything. That's why we're flying above the rest."

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