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Engineering Services

Designing a System to Your Needs


Western Forms has a team of designers using state of the art CAD modeling and design tools to create the best formwork system for your business or building project.


Our engineers work closely with you to convert your architectural plans to a 3D-modeled shell.  Factoring in your project and budget requirements, they develop an efficient and cost-effective forming system specifically for you. Our designers focus on the key things your production crews face in the field – placing concrete safely and productively. Our design engineers will work closely with your engineers and engineering design requirements to insure the formwork is consistent with structural specifications.

Your Western Forms account representative will present this engineered forming solution to you with an organized equipment list and CAD generated Setup Plans.  This will outline your system proposal clearly and provide easy to use jobsite instructions for your equipment.  

After you’ve approved the formwork solution, the engineering team delivers production ready drawings and detailed work instructions to launch the Manufacturing cycle for your order.

Once your project forms are manufactured, the engineering team participates in system setup and assembly verification, to confirm the highest quality for the equipment before it reaches your job site.

See for yourself the wide range of projects our Western Forms Engineering Department has made possible.

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