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Financial Services

Pay for your concrete forming system with the savings you realize from using it.

Western Forms Financial Services helps simplify buyers' purchases of our innovative aluminum forming systems.  Subject to credit approval, we can provide you with credit that lets you pay for equipment from the savings and additional cash flow you realize by using it.  So you can pay later for the Western Forms equipment you need now.  And this credit is available without pledging collateral of other assets like cash, land, or buildings, as required by most banks.

For customers in the USA, Western Forms has developed relationships with domestic funding sources that offer terms up to 60 months at attractive rates.

For international customers, Western Forms has an established relationship with the Export-Import Bank of the U.S.  This facilitates short-term and medium-term credit sales through loan guarantee and insurance programs.  Terms up to 360 days are available, typically with quarterly payments. Both new and used equipment are eligible. With small fees and low interest rates, international customers avoid expensive bank fees for letters of credit or bank guarantees.

Financing Department

  • English: (800) 821-3870 - Toll Free in USA; direct dial: 816-777-3910
  • Dan Ward / Ext. 3310 / skype: dan.ward729
  • Spanish: (816)303-0425 - Martha Vasquez / Ext. 3330 / skype: marthaevasquezh

 6200 Equitable Rd
Kansas City, MO USA 64120



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