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Form Cleaning and Repair

Would you clean your car with a hammer?Repair shop

A hammer is the short-sighted way to clean your forms.  It causes damage that leads to heavier forms, slower work, poorer walls, possible blowouts, and lower resale value.

Western Forms professional Form Cleaning & Repair Department gives you a cost-effective alternative.  It can make your forms nearly as light and productive as new without damage.

Western Forms customers have used their forms for over 3,000 pours but only because they properly handled and maintained their investment.

To help keep your equipment in the best possible shape yourself, check out our Common Sense Care & Maintenance Guide.

It lists 11 items that contribute to poorer form performance and tells how to avoid them.

Form Cleaning and Repair Department
866-643-7959 ( Toll Free  - US ) & 816-303-0425 ( Int'l for English or Spanish )

Western Forms Cleaning & Repair Dept., 6200 Equitable Rd., Kansas City, MO 64120

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