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Project Conversion Process

We can help you convert your project  from traditional construction methods to quality cast-in-place (CIP) construction with Western Forms, with our proven 10 Step-Process:

  1. You send your project plans to Western Forms for preliminary review.
  2. A Western Forms team of 2-3 professionals reviews the plans and prepares a proposal with several forming system choices.
  3. The team presents the proposal, including all systems choices, with preliminary cost estimates for both the systems and the structure.  This lets you calculate your savings.
  4. You choose the system and provide an Engineering Deposit. equal to 5%* of the system investment price.   Western provides a completed "Shell Drawing" in 3 dimensions to review with design professionals on your project.
  5. After you carefully review, you approve the final shell and confirm the final forming system and components to be delivered to your site.
  6. The Western Forms team prepares a final bill of materials (BOM), and manufacturing order, according to your instructions from Step 5.  You send a deposit equal to 45% of final BOM amount to start manufacturing.  You receive a "Promise" shipping date within 48 hours of deposit receipt.
  7. Western Forms "Set Up Team" receives your system components  from manufacturing and erects the complete formwork assembly in the Concrete Home Center to assure total "fit up" and "quality assurance".  This is the final verification of the entire system.
  8. You or your designated representative come to the Concrete Home Center for a final inspection of the complete assembly.  Inspection may also be done from your office via Internet Webcast provided by Western Forms.
  9. Within 48 hours of the final inspection, Western staff has your shipment containerized, sealed, and shipped to your site.  You provide the final 50% of the payment by the time of container departure.
  10. A Western Forms Technical Services Professional or Team arrives at your site to deliver on-site training to your work crews, contractors, supervisors and Project Managers.

Western Forms has successfully used this process to satisfy over 300 different companies building 3,000 different projects in 36 countries since 1974.

Please contact us so we may have an opportunity to consult with you about converting your project to cast-in-place concrete with aluminum forming systems from Western Forms.  You can reach us by:

  • sending your info  via the link on left at "Contact Western Forms"
  • sending an email to info@westernforms.com
  • calling 866-643-7959 - USA toll free - English
  • calling 816-303-0425 – Int'l for English or Spanish


* - The percentage of engineering deposit may vary depending on the order, customer, or country.  See the proposal from Western Forms for the correct deposit for your transaction.

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