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Western offers a wide range of metric-dimensioned form systems to fit nearly every application:

  • Premium - The best form, to give you a competitive advantage
  • Leader - A better form that saves time and money 
  • Competitor - A good form that fits a tighter budget
  • Vertex - Brick patterned for simulated brick on a concrete wall 
  • B.E.P.™ - 100 mm deep crane set forms, ideal for big jobs, tall walls, and fast pours
  • Alum-A-Ply™: A 5.625 cm deep handset system for commercial forming, 1500 PSF rated

Want more detail?  Just click on the concrete forming system you want to examine more closely.


Premium The best form that gives you competitive advantages. Click Product Features for details.

Product Features


Competitor The Competitor product line is a durable alternative from Western Forms so it is designed to last 2000 uses, just like our other systems.

Product Features

B.E.P.™ (metric)

B.E.P.™ (metric) Crane set forms for the big job. Use B.E.P.™ when you need a super flat concrete wall with a fast rate of fill on the pour.

Product Features


Leader Leader forms come with standard face sheet of 3 mm and Pan-L-Cure™ pre-seasoning. This form family provides a great way to obtain superior quality and cost-effective pours with innovative features. It does not include the gasket.

Product Features


B.E.P.™ SUPER-PLY Superior durability Largest range of sizes Fewest loose parts High-load bearing Lightweight, yet rugged

Product Features

Vertex™ Brick Pattern

Vertex™ Brick Pattern Expand your opportunities by offering an attractive, architecturally ready brick pattern to a finished wall. The Vertex™ brick pattern has the deepest texture available.

Product Features