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This 6•12 hole pattern forming system delivers quality pours throughout its years of service. The Patriot Forming System is available in two face sheet thicknesses to best meet your requirements.

Optional baseplates make adding PinLock Attached Hardware easy and cost-effective.

Patriot panels are easy to set and strip. The lightweight design allows for easier transporting and doesn't require extra crew members that increase project costs and decrease efficiencies.

The exclusive Flagship Hat Section is used in the Patriot system as well, and built-in sound deadening material reduces noise on the job and potential safety concerns for your employees.

  • Easy to Clean
  • Durable Flat Siderails
  • Rails are notched for tie placement
  • Flat siderails are designed for the rigidity and strength required by today's construction demands.


Patriot A lightweight, economical form, the Patriot makes sense to contractors on a smaller budget who still want the performance of a Western Forms system but aren’t looking for a wide array of extra features. Now includes an option for PinLock™ baseplates.

Product Features