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Release Agents

Proper release agents speed the task of removing the forms while helping keep them in good condition.  Western provides a line of excellent release agents and the equipment to apply them.

Aqua Green Ribbon Spray Tank

Aqua Green Ribbon Spray Tank Specially designed for Aqua Green Ribbon water based form release agent.

Product Features

Kleen Strip

Kleen Strip Form Release Agent leaves your wall surface ready to receive paint, mortars, and moisture proofers. Bughole appearance and occurrence is minimal compared to non-reactive agents. Kleen Strip provides an excellent low-cost alternative while complying with all state VOC regulations.

Product Features

Aqua Green Ribbon Water Based Release Agent

Aqua Green Ribbon Water Based Release Agent The best water based form release agent to come along in years.

Product Features

Kleen Strip 2000

Kleen Strip 2000 Form Release Agent is 100% chemically active and does not contain kerosene, diesel fuel, waxes, or resins. Use in a wide variety of temperatures, spraying easily even when it’s only 20 degrees above zero.

Product Features

Blue Ribbon Form Release Agent

Blue Ribbon Form Release Agent from Western Forms has NO EQUAL. This premier release agent outperforms all other agents on the market. Designed specifically for superior care on aluminum forms only, Blue Ribbon provides excellent results with a broad range of ready-mix during a wide range of temperature conditions, spraying easily at 20 degrees below zero without additives.

Product Features

Spray Tank

Spray Tank No contractor should be without this labor and form oil saving piece of equipment.

Product Features

Blue Ribbon Plus

Blue Ribbon Plus is a premium form release agent designed exclusively for use with high fly ash content mix.

Product Features

Standard Tip

Standard Tip is designed for Kleen Strip 2000, Kleen Strip, and Western Super #1 Concentrate to easily provide the right coverage amount with minimal waste.

Product Features

Blue Ribbon Tip

Blue Ribbon Tip Blue Ribbon's low viscosity provides maximum results with minimum application. Choose the Blue Ribbon Tip for your spray tank to conserve oil and guarantee a low-volume, fine spray.

Product Features

Western Super #1 Concentrate

Western Super #1 Concentrate A complete chemically active form release agent in a convenient concentrated formula. Once mixed with diesel, the formula will not separate, creating a non-residual protective barrier between your forms & accessories and the concrete.

Product Features