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Post-Tensioned Slabs

Make your last edge board and buy a Western


Western offers an innovative version of its slab forming system for creating post-tensioned slabs efficiently.  Workers place the aluminum panels using the same layout principles as wood systems.  Each panel contains a series of closely-spaced holes, eliminating the need for custom drilling and enhancing versatility.  Attaching post-tension brackets is easy with Western's exclusive patent-pending technology.  Steel wire rods lock in each nail to prevent cable movement and ensure a firm hold to the form.  This is faster to set up than "toenailing" wood and grips the cable more securely.


Western's aluminum slab edge forms can be braced to prevent movement during concrete placement. They are strong and large enough for secure attachment of both the dead and stressing end anchorages.

Western's forming system for post-tensioned slabs avoids the tedious steps required when using wood forms which is the time consuming process of  precisely marking, carefully drilling, and installing the anchors.

The predrilled  holes permit tendon placement at 9 inches from corners.  Anchors are nailed through additional predrilled holes that are wire ribbed . The wire ribs bite in and grip the nails securely.
The predrilled holes are 4 inches from the top of the formwork to meet the recommended vertical placement of most slab foundations. By inverting the form you can adjust for the drop in the garage area.  Special wire clips from Western fasten Simpson anchors to the formwork without nailing or screwing.
Western's slab edge forms are available in lengths of 1 to 10 feet in increments of one foot, and in lengths under 36 inches in increments of one inch.  They come in heights of 4, 8, and 12 inches. Available fillers and corners make it is easy to do square popouts.

Western's slab edge forms are easy to set with card wedges that securely lock on  ½ -¾ inch steel stakes.  Corners are set quickly and securely with Western's convenient PinLockTM  or conventional pins and wedges.


Level is quickly attained with an easy tap of the card wedge enclosing the stake.  Adjustable turnbuckle kickers set quickly and keep the forms in proper alignment.  Forms are quickly set up for plumbing installation.



Wood forms need to be replaced about every 5 uses because of delaminating and peeling. They slow the workers, who have to compensate for warped wood and shifting.  Wooden edge forms require more kickers and splices to keep them straight.


Westerns slab edge forms are better than other forms because they:

  • Stay straighter and last much, much longer
  • Stay in place more easily for placing tendons
  • Are easily braced to prevent movement during concrete placement
  • Produce a superior finish on the exposed edge

Make your last edge board and buy a Western.  Call for a free demo today on our toll free number at 866-643-7959.  For international projects call 816-303-0425 for English or Spanish customer service professionals.

Post Tension Slab Forming System

Post Tension Slab Forming System Start pouring every post-tension slab with a consistent, smooth finish in an efficient and cost-effective new way. Stop achieving mixed results with old-fashioned wood forms and switch to Western Forms Post-Tension Slab Aluminum Forming System!

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