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Project Category

Residential / Commercial

Structure Type

Below Grade Foundations



System Used

Elite, Gasket, Flagship, Patriot, Vertex, Durand Value,& BEP Crane-set Gang Forming Systems


Lightweight, Durable, Cost Effective Solutions. Western Forms weigh 15% - 25% less and outlast other forming systems due to their advanced design and superior bracing. Contractors add PinLock Attached Hardware to Elite, Gasket and Flagship forms to reduce setting and stripping time up to 30% vs. using Pins and Wedges.

Our customers understand why Western Forms' speed and durability allow them to lead, not follow. Western Forms have the highest resale value of any aluminum forms in the world, featuring the original patented “PinLock™ Attached Hardware” and “Gasket” side-rails.  PinLock™ is faster and easier than any other attached hardware system, connecting forms 30%+ faster than pins and wedges. The self-cleaning, self-lubricating, spring loaded system makes operation fast and smooth. Exclusive “Gasket” reduces cleaning time, increases form life, helps maintain trade-in value.   |   To view carousel of foundations, click arrows in lower right corner of image above.

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