Concrete Forms with an 6-12 Hole Pattern

The 6-12 hole pattern provides for 12" jumps. Since its inception, it is grown in popularity for a variety of reasons including:


  • Wider hat sections can only be done with the 6-12 pattern. 

  • The tie pattern makes it easier to install ledges, windows, & rebar from the top of the wall without a tie interfering.  

  • It is easier to train guys to think in an even 1’ increment rather than 8".  

  • There are often concrete form sets available in the 6-12 hole pattern, making adding to your fleet easier and less expensive.  

6-12 Concrete Forms come in Heights 1' all the way to 10',  1" through 36" (3 feet wide is our Full Panel) in Width.  Available in a .094 and .120 facesheet, the 6-12 Concrete Form is versatile, lightweight and lasts 3000 pours or more with proper care.   

Consult with a Western Forms representative to help you determine which product is best for your needs. Or for more details and information about any forming system and related hardware, ties & release, or hardware & accessories:


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