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Form Ties & Release Agents

World's Best Form Ties and Release Agents

Availability and ordering of strong-holding form ties and quality release agents are as easy as a phone call.

In some cases, two standard ties are recommended in certain places to maintain a 2:1 safety factor. Ties must always be properly connected with Western Forms Pins & Wedges - or our "time saving" PinLock attached hardware system.

For quick reference regarding the recommended number and placement of ties for different size form panels, download Western Forms' handy Tie Chart (pdf -below), or call 816-777-3956 to order.

Volume Form Ties

The ties that set the standard in the aluminum forming industry, these Western Form ties offer superior performance and ease of use. These economical ties feature easy-break notches that break horizontally flush with the wall. Location notches allow placement of reinforcing steel. Available in full or nominal sizes from 6-12 inches. Available in Full and Nominal Sizes. Sold 100 per bundle.

Combination Form Ties

Specifically designed to break horizontally flush to the wall, one tie can be used for three differnt wall thicknesses. Versatility reduces tie inventory. Available in Full and Nominal Sizes. Sold 50 per bundle.

Breakback Form Ties

Recommended for use where specifications require no steel at the surface of the concrete. Breaks vertically behind wall surface as specified by breakback dimension. Available in 1/2” & 1” breakback depths. Available in Full and Nominal Sizes. Sold 50 per bundle.

Z-Form Ties

Use Z-Form Ties on jobs that have a 12" offset in the wall, from the straight line, along with 4" inside corners.  The 12" offset and the 4" corners are constants and cannot be changed. These, combined with the wall thickness variable, control the finished shape of the tie. Available in Full and Nominal. When ordering Z-Form Ties, specify wall thickness and Nominal or True sizes. Sold 50 per bundle. Various other offset form ties are available on request.


Do not use ties that are broken, bent, heavily rusted, hammer-dented, previously used in bulkhead applications, or are incorrect in length for the specified wall thickness. Also, you should not mix ties from multiple suppliers. Failure to follow these instructions may invalidate otherwise applicable warranties and may subject the user and others to serious bodily injury or property damage. Please contact Western Forms with any questions concerning the safe use of Western Forms products or to obtain training for your employees.

Blue Ribbon Form Release Agent

Best-performing release agent you can buy! Outperforms all others on the market. Designed specifically for superior care on aluminum forms only. It helps keep forms clean, and allows you to use a smaller amount of release agent to achieve the same quality results. VOC-compliant. Available in 5-gal. and larger containers.


Form B Clean

FORM B CLEAN chemically reacts with concrete

on the form surface to prevent hardening of

fresh concrete and to soften hardened concrete

buildup while also functioning as a release agent.

When properly applied, FORM B CLEAN will not

stain or leave any residue, producing a smooth

concrete surface ready for subsequent coatings

or surface treatments. FORM B CLEAN sprays

easily even in cold temperatures!

SDS - Form B Clean

Consult with a Western Forms representative to help you determine which product is best for your needs. Or for more details and information about any forming system and related hardware, ties & release, or hardware & accessories:

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