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To honor our heritage, we’re persistent in delivering the highest quality standard.

The best way to celebrate the dedication and determination of E.B. Ward, our founder, is to continue to pursue his passion and vision. We work to provide customers with innovative, full-system aluminum concrete forming technology, service and expertise to successfully build their businesses and better serve their customers’ needs.

Our Value Proposition

We’re confident that we provide unequaled value, because we concentrate our efforts on addressing the biggest concern for most of our customers, which is labor.
Years of proven results are opening the eyes of the industry to a better option for sustained business success, which comes from product reliability, improved project efficiencies and labor-cost savings.

Specifically, we will:


  • Help customers deliver sustainable concrete structures at the lowest cost

  • Accelerate project cycle times (setting/stripping) to improve construction speed by up to 50%

  • Reduce labor/job costs and demonstrate faster ROI

  • Provide comprehensive, customer-centric solutions and services resulting in proven project results

  • Manufacture the highest quality, longest-lasting and best-performing aluminum forming systems that provide higher resale value

  • Design modular formwork systems that are adaptable to a wide variety of residential and commercial concrete structures

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