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Original Aluminum Concrete Forms

Western Aluminum Concrete Forms

For contractors, builders, developers, and precasters in the U.S. and around the world, Western Forms aluminum concrete forms are regarded as the quality standard for durability, ease of use and return on investment.

Western Forms – made 100% in the U.S.A. – last  many more pours* than competitive products. They weigh 15-25% less than other forms, which is a significant advantage for hand-set forms that require manual placement and removal. Less strain and difficulty in handling leads to fewer work-related injuries, on-site accidents and work comp claims.

In addition, our exclusive form design enhancements condense setting and stripping cycle times to accelerate project completion schedules and reduce labor costs. You can rely on Western Forms to stand behind our products in the same way we have for nearly 70 years.


Review the benefits of some of our best-selling products, and be sure to download our complete catalog. If you need personal assistance, you can quickly find a rep or take a moment to complete our contact form. 

*  With proper maintenance, Western Forms’ customers have recorded over 4,000 pours with the same forms.

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Elite™ Aluminum Concrete Forms

Elite™ Forms represent the best of the best

Flagship Aluminum
Concrete Forms

Our middle of the line concrete form


Brick Pattern Aluminum Forms

Vertex® brick-pattern concrete forms adds decorative finish


Precast Concrete Aluminum Forms

Precast Concrete Forms to fit almost any precast forming need


Patriot & SW6
Aluminum Concrete Forms

Our cost saving pin & wedge concrete forming system


Gang Forms

Our Big Panel & BEP gang concrete forms overshadow all the rest


Used Concrete Forms for Sale

Exceptional value and quality for the money

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