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Precast Concrete Forms to Fit

Almost Any Precast Need!  

Precasters appreciate the quality, ease-of-use and versatility of Western Forms. The precast panels are ideal for custom precast, because they can be used in a variety of non-standard configurations. These types of projects range from inlets, catch basins, box culverts... to custom structures of any size or shape. 

No other precast concrete forming system can match the time-saving, setting-and-stripping advantages of Western Forms.

Your projects are unique, and your customers want the freedom to customize their structure – but you can’t afford multiple concrete forming systems that please everyone.  With Western Forms, you don't have to!  Our precast forming systems will allow you to pour different size products with the same kit of forms.  Each kit contains the concrete forms and hardware you need to pour different sizes, price to meet your budget. Pour any box size from 2’ x 3’ to 10’ x 12’ or 8’ x 14’ with both 6” and 8” thick walls!     




Stop wasting time placing and drilling the holes you need for steps just to have to do it again! The Step Riser Form features

cones inserted into the pre-drilled holes to make the perfect indentation in the concrete to accommodate step rungs.

Never again worry about misaligned holes, hitting rebar, or extra labor required to form ladders.




Use at the top of the exterior form to shape the projection found on the male end of a box culvert.




Use Header Corners at the top outside corner of the exterior forms. Used to form the corner portion of the projection on the male end of a box culvert.




Haunch Corners are used in the corner area of interior forms. Forms corners as two 45˚ angles instead of one 90˚ angle. Allows for additional placement of reinforcing steel and concrete to prevent cracks that can start at 90˚ angles.  The dimensions of the angled surface should match or complement the wall thickness of the concrete.

Precast Box Culverts with Western Aluminum Concrete Forms 

Precast Box Culvert Forms
Box Culverts Forms

Call Western Forms Precast Product Manager for complete details.

Jim Aylward

(816) 560-2778

Consult with a Western Forms representative to help you determine which product is best for your needs. Or for more details and information about any forming system and related hardware, ties & release, or hardware & accessories:

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