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Six decades, three generations and many millions of aluminum forms later…

Western Forms started in 1955 in Kansas City, Missouri, as a small entrepreneurial effort by E. B. Ward. In 1962, E.B. Ward invented the first fabricated aluminum form, in effect, creating the aluminum formwork industry. His vision, values and dreams have been carried forward by his sons, grandsons, and dedicated employees all these years since.

Today, Western Forms has grown into a much larger company with a global reach that serves customers by providing the best handset and crane-set aluminum forming systems and services available.
In the future, we anticipate many new types of form applications as the demand for concrete construction and more efficient building methods continues to grow.



From the 50's Through the 60's


The 70's, 80's & 90's



Western Forms started in humble surroundings, manufacturing the strongest steel ties in the concrete forming industry, design and produced by founder E.B. Ward. As his tie business grew, so did his ambitions to form concrete walls.  In 1958 he developed the fastest setting steel forms in the Midwest.  By 1961, on the request of a devoted customer, E.B. invented the first aluminum forms in the world, gaining a US patent for his first forming panel design by 1962. His aluminum panels caught on fast due to their light weight and durable design. Today, there are no aluminum panels in the world designed and manufactured as well. Fact: Western Forms customers have recorded over 4,500 reuses with the same Western Forms.

In 1974 Western Forms entered the international marketplace, delivering the first aluminum forms outside the USA, to Nicaragua. Throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, Western Forms continued to design and manufacture a variety of new types of handheld aluminum “form families” for US concrete foundation contractors and international home builders. During these 3 decades, the Western Forms brand throughout the world was duly recognized for providing the most durable and efficient forming systems by the best concrete contractors in the industry.

Concrete construction industry experts all agree on one thing. Western Forms help reduce construction schedules by as much as 30 to 50%. Western Forms produces the most advanced aluminum forming systems and Western provides the most knowledgeable aluminum forms experts in the world. Contractors save more time and $'s with Western than with any other concrete forms. Over 500,000 housing units are built annually with Western Forms in over 50 countries.

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