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Patriot & SW6 "OG" forms are durable and economical

Generic entry level aluminum concrete forms: the transition from block or wood to aluminum concrete forms never has been easier!  The SW6 is our lowest cost model concrete form, available only in a .120 facesheet.  The Patriot line is a step up available in both .094 and .120 facesheets.  

Our panels are easy to set and strip. The lightweight design allows for easier transporting and doesn’t require extra crew members that increase project costs and decrease efficiencies.

On both the SW6 and Patriot line, we give the customer the option to season their own forms to reduce overall cost.  We can pair with used forms to help make your transition as cost effective as possible.  

Consult with a Western Forms representative to help you determine which product is best for your needs. Or for more details and information about any forming system and related hardware, ties & release, or hardware & accessories:

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