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Pins & wedges for secure form setting

InSelect from a wide variety of pins and wedges to hold forms tightly together and firmly in place. Designed for specific uses and applications. They are also compatible with most aluminum forming systems.


Tapered Pins

The Western Tapered pin is fully tapered and heat treated to deliver a long, useful life.


Straight Pin

Designed for use with all aluminum forming brands. The Straight Pin has no taper and distance is further from the pin head to the wedge slot, compared to Tapered Pin.


Flat Head Pin

The thin head makes this pin ideal for laydown applications and when butt-forming new walls against existing wall or structure.


Combo Filler Pin

The Combo Filler Pin's versatility expands its usefulness on the job. Can be used for radius wall applications and when fillers 2" and smaller are necessary.

Quick-Start Flat Wedge

Holds firm and provides greater resistance to loosening during form setting and placement of concrete.


Standard Straight Wedge

Heat treated for long life and precision-tapered for faster stripping.


Quick-Start Curved Wedge

Curved feature allows additional hammer clearance. Recommended for forming systems with large cross member supports and in limited access situations.

Standard Curved Wedge

Heat treated for long life and precision-tapered for faster stripping. Also appropriate for limited access situations.

Consult with a Western Forms representative to help you determine which product is best for your needs. Or for more details and information about any forming system and related hardware, ties & release, or hardware & accessories:

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